Early 40s – for him, her and couples

Hello, my name is Lilian.

With me, you can definitely look forward to receiving a fully sensual tantric massage of very high standards! You’ll enjoy every moment, experiencing pure pleasure and tenderness. What you’ll experience with me will remain in your memory as an everlasting sensation in your body and soul. Furthermore, this experience is undoubtedly beyond the known realms of experience.

During the first half of the massage, I will enable you to get gradually into a deep, blissful state of relaxation. Furthermore, you will spontaneously and willingly leave your everyday stressful life behind you and open yourself completely up to sensual, magical experiences. As for the massage second half, I will mostly lovingly devote myself to your front side, including your intimate areas, which will be extensive, loving and unforgettable! If you wish so, I will also include your anal area and pamper you with a tender prostate-massage, provided that, the massage time is at least one and a half hours. The Lingam-Massage is of course a definite part of my tantric massage-creation.

Skillfully and with sensitivity, I will trigger off goose bumps on to your whole body. At times, I will use very soft feathers… my soft hands, warm oil and my breasts but also at other times my flexible body, sometimes even wrapping my long legs around your body. I know how to make you feel like you are bathing in a passionate sensuality and make you float and quiver.

Thanks to my intuitive knowledge of a fully blossomed woman in her early forties, I have virtuously mastered the art of slowly and affectionately building an incredible growing arousal in your body, magically wiping your whole body and soul, which I will practice on you. Just let yourself be guided and allow yourself to surf on ever-rising waves of desire. I will lead you to your limits and far beyond them!

So feel free to allow us to have plenty of time so that you get the most out of this magic. The intensity and the long-lasting feelings of joy and happiness that my fabulous massage will bring out, demand some time afterwards to land on this earth with both feet again!

I am looking forward to receiving your call and would be very happy to have an appointment with you!



My massage is not an invitation for sexual relation, anal intercourse, oral sex or any other sexual act!

Please respect the fact that the Tantra masseuse is the active one during the massage and you are the one who is going to receive, being passive. Mutual sexual interactions or touches are excluded!

My Offers

Classical Tantra Massage for Him



1,5 – 2 hours incl. lingam massage and on request with anal/prostate stimulation 160,00 €
2 – 2,5 hours incl. lingam massage and on request with extensive anal/prostate massage 210,00 €
2,5 – 3 hours incl. lingam massage and on request with extensive anal/prostate massage 260,00 €

Each additional half hour 50,00 €

Classical tantra massage for Her



1,5 – 2 hours incl. Yoni massage 160,00 €

Each additional half hour 50,00 €

Tantric 4-Hand-Massage for Him or Her



1,5 – 2 Hours incl. Yoni or lingam massage and on request with anal/prostate massage 320,00 €
2 – 2 ½ Hours incl. Yoni or lingam massage and on request with detailed anal/prostate massage 420,00 €
2 ½ – 3 Hours incl. Yoni or lingam massage and on request with detailed anal/prostate massage 520,00 €

Each additional half hour 100,00 €

Tantric foot bath and foot massage
In the Tantra ritual, water is first and foremost a purification in the broadest sense. We leave all chronic, currently negative feelings, such as stress, anger or pain, as well as the entire everyday life with its exertion behind us.

Foot bath with foot massage, a loving version of worship.

The foot bath with foot massage is available from a massage time of 2 – 2.5 hours with a surcharge of only 20,00 €:



2 – 2,5 Hours incl. foot bath with foot massage 230,00 €
2,5 – 3 Hours incl. foot bath with foot massage 280,00 €

Each additional half hour 50,00 €

Tantric bathing ritual
In the tantric bathing ritual, your masseuse also devotes herself to individual body regions while you can loll about in the warm water. Gently and skillfully she massages your head, face and forehead, and not only drives away disturbing thoughts, but also smoothes out your wrinkles of anger or thinking and loosens the doggedness that we often need in life to achieve goals. She also takes care of your feet, which so patiently carry you through your whole life and literally through thick and thin, and a hand that must do so much to meet all requirements. Afterwards she will shower the foam from your body and dry you with a warm towel.

The bathing ritual is available from a massage time of 2 – 2.5 hours with only 30,00 € extra charge:



2 – 2,5 Hours incl. bathing ritual 240,00 €
2,5 – 3 Hours incl. bathing ritual 290,00 €

Each additional half hour 50,00 €

Pair massage option 1: in 2 rooms with 2 masseurs
The basic basis for diving into an intense erotic and orgasmic experience is deep relaxation or a kind of trance state. In this state, the effect of the massage can best unfold. In couples, there is understandably often a desire to participate in each other’s affairs. However, this is not conducive to deep relaxation, as in this case a certain amount of attention is always directed to the partner. That is why we also offer the possibility to indulge in this experience at the same time, but in separate rooms.

Offer: Each with 1 masseuse or 1 masseur in two separate rooms. In this way, each one of you can discover and enjoy the tantric massage for yourself and undisturbed.


Charges (per pair)

1,5 – 2 Hours 320,00 €
2 – 2,5 Hours 420,00 €

Each additional half hour 100,00 €

Couple massage option 2: in a room with two masseurs
All those who want to dive into the energy of the massage together with their partner should choose this variation.  We deliberately offer – and for a good reason – a minimum of 2 – 2.5 hours of massage time, including a joint fade out:

Offer: Together in one room, but with separate masseuses.


Duration (per pair)

2 – 2,5 hours 460,00 €
2,5 – 3 hours 560,00 €

Each additional half hour 100,00 €

Couple Massage Option 3: (in a room with 1 masseuse) Small workshop for couples
Two of you in a room with 1 masseuse or our masseur.

One of you will be massaged and the partner will be present as an “observer” or “assistant” during the massage, and depending on the agreement with the masseuse, he or she can also participate in the massage if desired.

The one who is being massaged can thus drop completely and simply enjoy it, while the other partner can consciously absorb the experience and take it home by observing the intense impressions that arise during a tantra massage. Thus you will have the possibility to experiment with the different techniques at home for a long time after the massage and to revive your love life with new impulses. You may also feel like bringing the atmosphere of this special atmosphere back to life.

Next time, the roles would be reversed, often after a short break, in order to process the new impressions at home. It has been shown that for both (receiver and observer) a very, very intensive experience is created, which gives valuable new impulses for a partnership in the long term as well.


Charges (per pair)

2 – 2,5 hours 260,00 €
2,5 – 3 hours 310,00 €

Each additional half hour 50,00 €

Blind Date Massage Option 1: Trust
Deine Masseurin begrüsst Dich und verbindet Dir vor der Massage, nach dem Begrüssungsritual die Augen.



1,5 – 2 Hours incl. Yoni or Lingam massage 160,00 €
2 – 2,5 Hours incl. Yoni or Lingam massage 210,00 €
2,5 – 3 Hours incl. Yoni or Lingam massage 260,00 €

Each additional half hour 50,00 €

Blind Date Massage Option 3: Surprise
A staff member greets you, takes you to a massage room and blindfolds your eyes – then comes your massage therapist. Only after the massage you can see who has massaged you.



1,5 – 2 Hours incl. Yoni or Lingam massage 200,00 €
2 – 2,5 Hours incl. Yoni or Lingam massage 250,00 €
2,5 – 3 Hours incl. Yoni or Lingam massage 300,00 €

Each additional half hour 50,00 €

Love School
The scientific and medical findings of our modern times, and the erotic knowledge of ancient civilizations and foreign peoples complement each other in a very surprising and highly enjoyable way. For many years we have collected this knowledge and played with the rediscovered techniques, experimented and tested their effects. Now we are happy to pass on this wealth of knowledge and experience – not only in theory but also in practice!

So if you want to know more about “woman”, more precisely, and to the smallest detail, then you will find with us very understanding experienced teachers and masters! Here you can also ask your most secret questions – we will gladly answer your request and your curiosity! Would you like to become an unforgettable lover? We introduce you to the bedroom secrets of foreign cultures and the legendary lovers of history, familiarize you with the sexual magic of ancient peoples and connect this knowledge with the modern insights of our western research.

In our modern, often non-contacting and hectic world, more and more people are piling up.

erectile dysfunction
erection problems
hasty ejaculation
orgasm problem

The resulting consequences not only affect “men”, but also inevitably have a detrimental effect on their partnership.

As is widespread today, the solution to these problems does not have to be to make oneself dependent on chemical foreign substances. We will gladly provide you with natural solutions based on the ancient knowledge of wise women and powerful and powerful men. With these methods and techniques it is possible to increase your male strength, your joy of life and your vitality with pleasure, continuously and effectively.

Have you become curious? Talk to us!

Depending on your personal wishes and concerns, which we discuss in an informative preliminary discussion, we combine this first encounter with a Tao-Tantra massage. The aim here is to use the first basic techniques to create a basis on which we can build – completely according to your individual focal points. This first experience alone opens up a wide range of surprising possibilities that you can fall back on at any time. In addition, whenever you feel like it, you can draw new elements from the rich treasure of sexual magic and thus achieve an extension and enrichment of your orgasmic experience – and share it with your partner.

If you are interested in the usual superficial sex games, then you don’t need to read on here – just go on!

But if you want more, and are ready to conquer new horizons and increase your ability to feel lust, potency and orgasm, then let me introduce you to the


It is rarely too early (but at least 18 years is a condition!) but never too late – to enjoy the joys of love, and the wisdom of our body with relish!

My offer has nothing to do with conventional sexual practices such as GV, Franz, etc. – the “usual” is familiar to you and you can!

But on the other hand, we show you how to love without erection and energy loss as long as you want and experience several orgasms (multiple orgasms) one after the other?that there are different forms of orgasm (multiple orgasm, whole body orgasm, energy orgasm, as well as an inner tantric experience) experiences that can be achieved with the technique of “big-draw” and can enrich your life and that of your partner beyond the sexual horizon unimaginably?you can also contact me for sexual trauma or problems like erection, ejaculation and potency problems – my “treatments” (without chemistry!) can lead to amazing and unexpected “successes”!

(we are legally obliged to point out to you that our treatments are not a substitute for a doctor’s visit or medical treatment.

On you will find tantraseminars and events where you can deepen this knowledge and learn more about how to make “woman” happy.

how you can really stimulate “woman” and lead her to her limits and beyond in ever higher orgasmic regions.

as you can arouse the desire in “Frau”, even if – as so often – the eroticism has long since been lost through habit and everyday stress.

how you can enable your lady heart to experience all 9 levels of the female orgasm

Would you like to become an unforgettable lover? I will introduce you to the bedroom secrets of foreign cultures and the legendary lovers of history, make you familiar with the sexual magic of ancient peoples and connect you to the world.


2 – 2,5 hours: 260,00 € per day
2,5 – 3 hours 310,00 € per day

Every additional half hour 50,00 € per hour


Making an appointment 0160 – 149 37 28 or 0911 – 44 07 16
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You will get an answer within 24 hours.