Couple massage


The basic basis to dive into an intense erotic and orgasmic experience is a deep relaxation or a kind of trance state necessary. It is in this state that the effect of the massage can best unfold. When it comes to couples, it is understandable that there is often a desire to take part in each other’s events. However, this is not beneficial for one’s own deep relaxation, since in this case part of the attention is always directed to the partner. Therefore, we also offer the possibility to devote yourself to this experience at the same time, but in separate rooms.

Offer 1: In 2 rooms with 2 masseurs

Jeder für sich mit je 1 Masseurin oder 1 Masseur in zwei getrennten Räumen. So kann jeder von Euch ganz für sich und ungestört die Tantramassage entdecken und geniessen.

2 – 2,5 Stunden pro Person 250,- Euro

2.5 – 3 Stunden pro Person 310,- Euro

Jede weitere Verlängerung um ca. 30 Min. pro Person 60 Euro



Offer 2: In a room with 2 masseurs

2 – 2,5 Stunden pro Person 275,- Euro

2.5 – 3 Stunden pro Person 335,- Euro

Jede weitere Verlängerung um ca. 30 Min. pro Person 60,- Euro



Offer 3: With a masseuse in a room

It means one of you is massaged while the other one watches and has the opportunity to assist this has to be previously and clearly discussed and agreed with the masseuse. The advantage of such offer is that the person who is being massaged can simply enjoy whereas the person who assists through her his observations and impressions experience has the opportunity to become aware and take it home. This experience can for both of you lasting as far of the content is concerned.

The next time you may wish to swap over. For some couples they also go out eating and let this experience linger on. then they both come back in order to do a swap over experience or one or two weeks later as it feels right for them to do so. the tantric massage may bring for both a deep moving experience and prefer to take a break until the other partner feels it is his or her turn. Both the person who received or observed helped along when giving the massage it can be a very intensive long lasting effect life adventure so that the partners wish to offer new energy in their relationship.


2 – 2,5 hours massage time    –    300€ 

2,5 – 3 hours massage time    –    360€ 

With this offer you have the opportunity to gradually come down together



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Massages are generally only possible after prior arrangement.

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