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Tantrc oil massage or Nuru Massage

For Her and Him


Tantra-Nuru-Massage – Geisha-Ritual

Immerse yourself in an old tradition of geisha from Japan. Among many other variants of relaxation, inspiration, fulfilling and energy giving methods, massages in every advanced culture all over the world were an indispensable way to satisfy different needs.

They convey closeness, affection, warmth, security. They touch and connect people and offer support and help in difficult situations as well as with health problems. In none of the old, highly developed cultures was our sexual power spared, but always included in one way or another.

Very highly developed was the Japanese tradition, which was cherished and cultivated by geishas, as well as passed on in many years of training. While the normal wife had no right to education, the geisha were the educated female elite. They functioned as „muses“ and were masters in the realm of eroticism.

An extensive Nuru massage is a special erotic climax and can initiate a very intense ecstatic orgasm. The elaborately produced Nuru-Gel is made from deep sea algae. It contains valuable substances – for health and manhood – and impresses with its extraordinary gliding properties. A very sensual, „glittering“ pleasure for every connoisseur who wants a lot of skin and body contact. The masseuse’s body glides over yours again and again slowly, sensuously and self-forgotten – you glide into changing states of pleasant relaxation, tingling excitement and tense expectation. During the intimate massage, which also includes the anal and prostate area if desired, this gel develops its energizing effect in interaction with my hands….

Oil massage on the sheet

Like the Nuru massage, this massage is also a very slippery and body-hugging experience. It contains many elements of Ayurvedic massage, which are said to have many healing and regenerative effects. As with this ancient massage, which has been handed down for thousands of years, we also use different, valuable oils and ingredients for the different body regions.

Depending on your current condition and your feelings, we adapt these valuable substances individually to you. Together with the massage they have a unique relaxing and at the same time vitalising and regenerating effect. They strengthen your manhood and have a healing rejuvenating effect. This massage is given to you from the full – and with an open heart, in a very loving presence in an attitude of devotion and care. Please do not misunderstand the closeness and the loving touches. This massage is also done in a mindful appreciation and it is nice if you can also accept it in this position.

Duration Price
2 – 2.5 hours including lingam massage and prostate massage on request 300,- €
2.5 – 3 hours including lingam massage and, if desired, prostate massage 360,- €


each further extension by approx. 30 minutes 60,- €


Massages are generally only possible after prior arrangement.

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